Kon-Tiki Tours
has bought the business of Lapland Leisure Tours (Lapin Lomamatkat) from 1 January 2019

 Some examples of prices 1.6-30.9.2019 (prices from per person)

levi22 LEVI
Sokos Hotel Levi € 350/person/3-nights 
Hotelli Levitunturi €. 369 /person/3-nights
Hotelli K5 Levi € 370/person/3-nights
Unna & Mánnu-apartment hotel € 390/person/3-nights
kullanhuuhdonta SAARISELKÄ
Saariselän Tunturihotelli €. 339/person/3-nights
Lapland Hotels Riekonlinna € 340/person/3-nights
Holiday Club Saariselkä € 350/person/3-nights
koskenlasku22 ROVANIEMI
Rantasipi Hotel Pohjanhovi € 327/person/3-nights
City Hotel € 325/person/3-nights
Ounasvaaran Pirtit € 340/person/3-nights
Clarion Hotel Santa Claus € 330/person/3-nights
  Prices include:
* return AY flights from/to Helsinki
* airport transfers from apt to hotel
* accommodation with breakfast and hotel-specific benefits
Notice!! We have also many other hotels and destinations with this flight packages,
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