Lapland is waiting for you!!
Lapland is waiting for you!!     Book NOW  a cottage in Rovaniemi, lot of cottages available!!!

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Southern Lapland’s five municipalities Simo, Tervola, Keminmaa, Kemi and Tornio-Haaparanta form the district named Sea Lapland. Sea Lapland has exciting town life with surrounding nature, history and modern day combined. The great white waters of the salmon rivers, meandering tributaries and the spectacular archipelago are full of exciting opportunities. In Sea Lapland you can also experience the offerings of two nations, as we stand shoulder to shoulder with Sweden. Here, you can enjoy meaningful experiences, even experiences felt to be the adventure of a lifetime. Sea Lapland is open throughout the year.
Airport 6 km (Kemi)
Railway station 0 km (Kemi)
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