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Along highway no. 4, approximately 250 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle is Europe's northernmost holiday resort, Saariselkä. The resort is located in the Municipality of Inari right by the Saariselkä fell region and UKK National Park. Situated close to Saariselkä, Ivalo Airport is Finland’s northernmost airport. The airport bus travels between the Saariselkä resort and Ivalo Airport for every scheduled flight. In the Saariselkä fell village all services are within walking distance. In addition to boasting high standard services, hotels, restaurants, spa and a variety of activities, Saariselkä provides people traversing nature with an abundance of well marked cross-country skiing and hiking trails. The cross-country ski trail network that partly travels through the Urho Kekkonen National Park connects the Saariselkä fell resort with the Kiilopää fell resort. The scenic trails of Saariselkä, with service network alongside, form a unique entirety and have been tested to be Finland’s best. The downhill skiing slopes of the two fells Iisakkipää and Kaunispää are suitable for downhill skiers of every level of ability.
Airport 11-60 km (Ivalo)
Railway station 270-305 km (Rovaniemi)
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